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    摘要: 环境优美,风景秀丽,气候宜人用英语怎么写? 1、逐个直译:Beautiful environment, beautiful sc...



    Beautiful environment, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.




    常用形容词 :beautiful(美丽的) ;splendid(壮观的);amazing(令人惊异的);superb(棒极了);graceful(优雅的);scenic(风景优美的);picturesque(风景如画的)

    常用名词 :splendor(辉煌,壮丽);landscape(风景,景观);scenery(风景); places of beauty(美丽的地方) ;a scenic wonderland(风景优美的仙境).



















    1、beautiful  adj. 美丽的、出色的、迷人的

    Beautiful World 美丽世界;Beautiful Morning 美好的清晨;Beautiful campus 美丽的校园

    2、fantastic   adj. 奇异的;空想的;极好的,极出色的;不可思议的

    If this is the case, then in the summer, everyone believed that dream, this is a truly fantasticseason. 


    3、fairyland   n. 仙境;乐园;奇境

    fantastic fairyland 奇幻的仙境;Blurred Fairyland 迷离幻境

    They look like the castles in fairyland.


    4、landscape of lakes and hills 湖光山色

    It is the oldest and most famous of Ontario's parks, having a vast landscape of maple hills, rockyridges, spruce bogs, and blue lakes.


    5、enclosed/surrounded by the hills on one side and waters on the other   依山傍水

    We spent a night in Longevity Villa of peaceful Monkey Mountain, where the scenery is beautiful.


    6、picturesque views   景色如画

    In fact, until a few weeks ago, I’d never had the opportunity to ramble through farmland, skip through meadows, or lounge in wide, grassy fields enjoying picturesque views over rivers and valleys.



    1. 自然美景英文句子

    spring is a lot of rain,summer is hot,autumn is the best season in a year,it is cool and busy ,winter is cold and sonetimes snowy.


    A creek twines the vast green field just like the blue color satin ribbon, a distant place modelling is being plain, color harmonious hut, a school of beautiful moving rural scenery!


    Spring renews the earth.春天使大地复苏。

    The country is very green in spring 春天的时候,乡村一片青葱碧绿。

    2. 描写风景的英语句子

    1:However, some of them try to make good use of their vacations in gaining their working experiences in summer.

    2:Many of them try to enrich their social and healthy life by participating in a number of interesting outdoor activities, include of camping with friends and family members, going to the beach or swimming at public pools, traveling and sightseeing locally and nationally.

    3:Walking on the road, the wind coming like a heat wave attacks.

    4:In July, blue sky, the Sun, the clouds like a fireball seems Sun Shaohua, also disappear.

    5:golden butterfly you! whom you are dancing in it not smile flowers, grasses lost their luster. oh, i see, you are in the garden that little daisy eyes.

    6:Early summer sunshine from the dense foliage and transmission, on the ground between India and full size coin sparkling spot.

    7:summer is students' the most favourite season because their longest vacations of the year are in summer.

    8:i think autumn is the most beautiful season in a year.

    9:I love summer very much. In summer, it's hot, and sometimes it's rainy. People wear T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses. Girls love to wear dresses and skirts.

    10:strong technical skills enhance a beautiful scene that compares traditional and contemporized architectural styles.

    11:Other students may try to improve their academic performance by going to their summer schools.

    12:Summer is when the sun shines and the butterflies dance with the flowers.

    13:It was a summer afternoon. The clear blue sky was dotted with fluttering larks.

    14:the leaves turn yellow in autumn.秋天时叶子变黄。

    15:In summer, especially lush vegetation, holly leaves shiny shiny, elm tree with luxuriant foliage, give people put up a thick green shade.

    3. 描写风景英语句子


    The trees, like the longings of the earth, stand atiptoe to peep at the heaven.


    The fish in the water is silent, the animal on the earth is noisy, the bird in the air is singing. But Man has in him the silence of the sea, the noise of the earth and the music of the air.


    The world rushes on over the strings of the lingering heart making the music of sadness。


    spring is a lot of rain,summer is hot,autumn is the best season in a year,it is cool and busy ,winter is cold and sonetimes snowy.


    4. 我要一篇描写自然风景的英语短文

    Guilin is in the north of Guangxi. The population in the city of Guilin is more than six hundred thousand. There are famous and beautiful sceneries in Guilin.

    If you come to Guilin, you will know how clear the water is and how green the hills are. Every year many tourists come to Guilin for a visit. You can take a boat to see the scenes of the Li River. You can also visit the scenic spots in the city on free buses.

    You will enjoy yourself if you go to Guilin.




    Guilin lies in the north of Guangxi. There are more than 600,

    000 people in the city. Guilin is famous for its beautiful sceneries in the world.

    ff you come to Guilin, you will know how clear the water is and how green the hills are. Many tourists come and visit Guilin every year. There you can take a boat to see the scenes of the Li River and visit the scenic spots in the city on free buses.

    Welcome to Guilin for a visit.




    5. 描写自然公园内的景物的英语作文6句左右

    reen grasses,blue lakes and beautiful mountains are waiting for you!Welcome to colorful nature pare!


    There is a clean river. There are some colorful flowers. There is a beautiful mountain near the nature park. The air is fresh. The sky is blue. The clouds are white. The tree is green. The bridge is tall. The grass is green. I can run on the grass. There is a path near the lake. There are many fish in the lake. There is a forest in the nature park. There are many trees on the mountains. There are many flowers near the path.

    Look! There are some birds in the sky. One, two, three…… oh! So many!


    I like this nature park very much. I am so excited.


    6. 关于“感谢大自然”的英文句子有哪些


    1、Thanks to the blue sky, because the blue sky to make people happy, chest one Gordian knot, in looking at the blue sky, one quietly opened. 译文:感谢蓝天,因为蓝色的天空让人快乐,心中的心结,看着蓝天,一个静静地打开了。2、thanks to the blue sky , because the blue sky wrapped around the earth, wrapped in a human, wrapped in all things, as we hold precious oxygen. 译文:感谢蓝天,因为蓝色的天空包裹着地球,包裹在人类之中,包裹在万物之中,我们拥有珍贵的氧气。

    3、Thanks to Blue sky, Thanks to the clouds, for if only a deep blue sky is a lonely landscape. And when the ever-changing clouds dotted the sky, only beautiful to describe. Early in the morning twilight, cloud is wearing a colorful veil, it is charming and moving. 译文:感谢蓝天,感谢云彩,因为只有深蓝色的天空才是孤独的风景。当不断变化的云点缀着天空,才是美丽的描述。

    清晨的晨光中,云朵带着色彩斑斓的面纱,它美丽而动人。4、Thanks to the green water, because if she and her brothers and sisters disappear, then we and everything will disappear, because we can't live without their moisture, is inseparable from the care, without them, the vitality of the earth will be a silence. Thank Green. 译文:多亏了绿色的水,因为如果她和她的兄弟姐妹们消失了,那么我们和所有的一切都会消失,因为我们不能没有他们的滋润,无法生存,没有他们,地球的活力将是一片寂静。

    谢谢绿色5、Thank the trees, because the old blue sky protection, but the oxygen total a day will be consumed, we rely on oxygen to survive the creatures die, but fortunately there are itemized, it can filter carbon dioxide, producing oxygen supply us. Add fresh green spots to feel comfortable and refreshing. 译文:感谢树木,因为有蓝天保护,但是氧气总有一天会被消耗,我们依靠氧气生存的生物死亡,但幸运的是有分项,它可以过滤二氧化碳,产生氧气供给我们。加入新鲜的绿色斑点,让你感到舒适和清爽。

    6、Thanks to the grass, because trees can not be everywhere, and their growth need space, stones, on the roof, can be seen everywhere, they all in their efforts to transform the environment. 译文:多亏了草地,因为树木不能无处不在,它们的生长需要空间,石头,屋顶上,随处可见,它们都在努力改造环境。7、Thanks to the flowers, because if there is no their well decorated, the earth will not be more colorful. Thank Flowers.I thank nature, thanks to his blue sky, his clouds, his green water, his trees, his grass, his gifts of flowers, as well as his own. 译文:多亏了这些花,因为如果没有它们的精心装饰,地球就不会变得更加丰富多彩。


    7. 用英文描写中国大自然的景色

    Few countries boast such majestic and intriguing landscape as China, thanks to the infinite generosity and exhaustless bounty on the part of Mother Nature. Along, the Lijiang River of Guilin, the mountains are statuesque and there is something dreamlike about them. The five holy mountains are marked for awesome heights and fabled and poetical associations, breathtaking is hardly an adequate word for the sights of the Yangtze River Three Gorges. The water bound country scene south of the Yangtze Rive is, in a nutshell, ethereal, Mount Huangshan is a paragon of alpine grandeur, while Mount Omei lures visitors from all over the world with an unmistakable religious aura. The Huangguoshu Waterfall tumbles down the brow of cliffs in a heroic fashion. At the Lunan Stone Forest, nature hews craggy rocks into a hundred and one exotic images. The vast prairies of Inner Mongolia ripple with lush meadows. In the northeast, rimed trees and snow-covered land transform the city of Jilin into a silvery wonderland that guarantees a unique sightseeing experience in subfreezing temperatures. No visitor leaves these places without feeling completely rested and satisfied.。

    8. 描写风景的英文句子,要优美的


    A creek twines the vast green field just like the blue color satin ribbon, a distant place modelling is being plain, color harmonious hut, a school of beautiful moving rural scenery!


    An ancient windmill, windmill's wind leaf opens likely the wing, rotates against the wind, with the green grass, the wild flower constituted the unique view this fairy tale world addition mysterious color!





    A right color bright, fine gorgeous, is drafting the happy love sabot likely! Also has that magnificent tulip to fall the season which innumerable sweetheart 。。 the tulip smells as sweet, the tender and beautiful charming girl's smiling face like flower passes on fragrantly 。。

    Spooky bund, windmill, green grass, den, satisfied prosperous curcuma fragrant flowers field, intermittent fragrant, windmill long extension! This is the dream?




    The high construction is also one kind of artware, is classical, is graceful, looks like a rich paint color painting! everywhere is filling the green, is also fluttering including the air green grass taste all around green and glossy, the green startled colorful, the windmill also stops down, is infatuated with in the beautiful scene 。

    9. 描写风景的英文句子,要优美的

    我尽我所能.描写天空: White clouds flow in the blue sky like quiet fish swimming in broad ocean.白云朵朵瓢在蓝天中,就像静静地鱼儿在广阔的海洋中畅游.描写花园: I can see colorful flowers everywhere on the grass like jewels shining on a green table.我看见五彩的花朵,在绿色的草坪上绽放,犹如放在绿色桌子上展示的闪闪的宝石.描写林荫大道: A long road appears right through the shadowy woods leading me to an unkonwn place.一条幽长的小路映入眼帘,它穿过阴暗的小树林,伸向未知的世界.翻译后就更汗。






    fairyland n.仙境,奇境

    湖光山色 landscape of lakes and hills

    依山傍水 enclosed/surrounded by the hills on one side and waters on the other

    景色如画 picturesque views


    Winter is a clean little girl, she was a silver suitcase came to the earth's mother's arms.

    Winter carrying a "little flower basket" which is filled with beautiful snow, gently covered the snow covered the earth.

    A piece of white snowflakes like a elf dancing beautiful dance, like feathers, and like butterflies, fluttering sprinkled in the earth's mother's arms.

    Look, has long been to the trees put on a white clothes, to the earth covered with a thick quilt ... ... afar to a fairy tale like a white world.